(TEMPORARY COVID REQUEST: We will come masked with booties on. We have gloves to wear upon request. Please leave the home completely while we shoot. If your session is scheduled for noon, please be out of the home by 11:50. Waiting outside is not an option as you will be seen through the windows. We are doing our very best to stay as safe as possible and that requires no contact or interaction with anyone. Please respect our staffs requests as we are taking this situation very seriously. Please know we will touch nothing except door knobs and possibly a light switch should you forget to turn one on but nothing else. We wipe down everything after each session so that it is sanitized for the next listing session.)

This checklist is designed to help sell your home as quickly as possible and for the highest amount possible. This will help your home to look its best and photograph well. Please follow all steps to ensure a timely photo session. We only allow a certain amount of time in each home and have multiple houses a day to photograph. Depending on what your agent has booked, the time I spend at your home can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The average being 45 minutes. Please know, you do not have to be present for us to photograph your home. Shooting is quicker and concentration is better with less people in the home. Do not worry if we have unfavorable weather. We can completely replace the sky and grass if need be. It’s always best to familiarize yourself with our work PRIOR to us shooting. We have a very specific style so what you see on our website is exactly what your photos will look like. Should you have any questions, please contact your agent.

  1. Open all curtains/blinds and turn on all lights. This includes lamps, under cabinet lights, night lights, outside lights, etc. This does not provide us with light- the home will look more friendly and welcoming with them on.

  2. Close all toilet seats/lids.

  3. Turn ALL ceiling fans off. These cannot be corrected in photoshop.

  4. Contain pets and hide pet items such as bowls, litter boxes, toys, bedding, cages, leashes etc.

  5. Remove vehicles from driveway and in front of the home. Close garage door.

  6. Move all garbage cans out of sight, preferably into the garage. Avoid the side of the garage- they

    will be seen and will not be photoshopped out.

  7. Clear countertops in restrooms, including toothbrushes and remove waste baskets, plungers and

    bowl brushes. Remove all rugs. Empty countertops photograph best.

  8. Clear all bathing items, such as shampoo bottles, soap and razors out of sight. Open curtain

    halfway with shower head end showing.

  9. Remove all photos and magnets from refrigerator and anything on top of refrigerator.

  10. Clear all countertops in kitchen. If something is in question, remove it. The less, the better. You want

    a potential buyer to imagine their items in your home. Completely bare is best.

  11. Make beds, tidy rooms, hang clothes. Clear items from under the beds, they will be seen and will

    not be photoshopped out. If you have a walk-in closet, we will not photograph inside the closet but

    it will be seen in the photos, so make sure it is tidy with the light on.

  12. Hide jewelry, jewelry boxes, change jars, safes, guns and expensive purses/shoes. If something is

    too large to hide, let us know before we begin and we will blur it from the photos.

  13. If you have family photos on the walls and would like faces blurred, let us know before we begin.

  14. Clear any piles of newspapers, magazines or mail.

  15. Check that all lightbulbs are working. Replace if not. Burnt out lightbulbs will be seen and will not

    be photoshopped out. Please make sure all lightbulbs are matching.

  16. If you have a dog, please make sure the yards are free of pet waste. Occasionally, it can be seen.

  17. Inside the garage will only be photographed if specified by your agent.

  18. Unfinished basements and unfinished basement portions will only be photographed if specified by your agent.

  19. Garages will only be photographed if specified by your agent.

  20. Please pop open any doors to areas that will need photographed. We do not rummage through your home so if door is closed we will assume you do not want it photographed. (Example: A walk-in pantry in the kitchen - pop the door so we know its okay to photograph.)

  21. If it is warm out, please make sure your air is on. One of our photographers has a condition where

    she does not sweat.

  22. Lastly and most importantly, hide yourself :)