Our main goal is to get you your photos as fast as physically possible AND to capture the home in the most realistic manner, yet at its best.

We need your help by having the home photo ready and having the sellers/pets & agents leave the home completely.

Please book from a DESKTOP COMPUTER to read the service descriptions. It's important to understand exactly what you're booking.

Need to tell us something? Type it in the notes section when booking and we will respond- responses will be in your confirmation e-mail.

You must read and agree to our terms and conditions below in order to book with us. If you have any questions regarding those terms and conditions, please address them before you book. It will be assumed you've read, understand and agree to them. 



Please forward the seller checklist to your sellers as soon as possible.



Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Stay safe! :)




By booking, paying for and downloading photos, you legally agree to and fully understand the information/licensing information below.

Kelley Weitzel Photography, LLC. Agent-Photographer Policy Agreement

  • Sellers and agents will not be present.
  • The seller checklist will be sent to sellers well before the listing session day.
  • There is a 20 minute “give or take” window for each time-slot. Meaning let the sellers know we could show up 20 minutes "early" or 20 minutes “late”. This is due to the listing before yours possibly not being ready. So sellers should vacate 20 mins before the scheduled time.
  • When booking, ALL information needs to be included regarding the listing; COMPLETE, FULL, CORRECT address, lockbox code if any, what specific add-ons you'd like, if any, etc. Booking a date without an address will result in the booking being declined.
  • All add-ons must be selected at the time of booking. This includes arrows, wording, property lines, 3D Tours, etc. No add-ons are automatically done.
  • Payment methods accepted (in order of preference) are: Cash, Check, Zelle or Venmo. We do not accept or have the cash app or PayPal.
  • Zelle payments may be sent to KelleyWeitzelPhotography@gmail.com or (330) 817-6616. Zelle is the safest way to send payments as it is a bank to bank transfer.
  • Our Venmo handle is @KelleyWeitzelPhotos, please "friend" us before paying to avoid fees on your end. If it asks for 4 digits that means you did not "friend us". If you click the Venmo Protection option, a $5.00 fee will be added to your account to cover those fees.
  • Tax and travel fees are added on at the end. The first 60 miles roundtrip are complimentary, $1/mile after. Need to calculate exact mileage? 840 Heritage Lane in Bath is our starting location.
  • If using a payment method other than cash or check, please do not pay for your session before it takes place as that may not be the final billing amount and it might generate an empty gallery email.
  • Please do not overpay as it will not encourage better service. We give 100% to every listing, big or small.
  • Please read the descriptions of each service from a desktop computer to fully understand what you are booking. It will be assumed you have read them and understand what each service entails.
  • The 'Doll House Image', 'Coming Soon Teaser Video' and 'Black & White Schematic Floor-Plans' cannot be created without purchasing the 3D tour. The 3D tour must be purchased in order to be able to create those items.
  • The 'Coming Soon Teaser Video' is auto generated and cannot be changed, in any way, at all by us.
  • Any photog may show up to shoot your listing. Please download your photos as soon as possible. Galleries expire after 30 days with no way to retrieve them. We do not keep backups.
  • Floor Plans can take 24-48 to create. We cannot hurry that process.
  • We reserve the right to leave any home if we feel our health or physical safety is in jeopardy.
  • All photographers are armed legally with protection.
  • We cannot go back for any shots missed due to agents or sellers being present or following us around while shooting. Please let our photographers work so we can get you your photos as fast as possible. Guaranteed if someone is talking to us, a shot will be missed.
  • Booking for interiors/exteriors and all add-ons MUST be completed on the same day. Our schedule does not allow for interiors on one day then exteriors on a different day.
  • Garage interiors and unfinished portions of basements will only be photographed upon request.
  • No dates/time-slots can be “held”, even momentarily.
  • The signing of paperwork, taking of measurements, seller meetings OR SHOWINGS should not take place while my listing is being shot. No one should be present. This includes, cleaners/landscapers/painters, etc.
  • There should be no cars/vehicles in the driveway OR in front of my listing while KWP is shooting.
  • Garbage cans moved to the side of the house will be seen and will not be automatically photoshopped out. They should be moved into the garage to avoid being in the photos.
  • KWP will shoot the home as it is found.
  • KWP will touch NOTHING in the home. If the home is vacant, the photographer will turn on lights to shoot and turn them off when done. If blinds/curtains are present and need opening, you, the agent, takes full responsibility to replace them should something happen to them.
  • Virtual staging may take up to TWO BUSINESS days to be completed, however the average time frame is 24 hours.
  • Galleries will be ready within a 24 hour timeframe and most of the time, much sooner. Since they are ready within 24 hours it is highly advised NOT to go live the same day or even day after your session takes place.
  • No specific time that my photos will be ready can be given. It is impossible to estimate this as each photographer shoots no less than 3 homes per day and no more than 8 per day.
  • 3D Tours are active until the listing is “pending/under contract” or for 30 Days- whichever comes first. Time after the initial 30 days can be purchased for $25.00 per month. There is no notification that your tour is being deactivated.
  • 3D Tours cannot be photoshopped however there is a "blur" tool which we can use to blur items out such as photographs on walls. You can choose to have family photos blurred in the drop down menu when booking.
  • The 3D Tour links are under the GREEN DOWNLOADS BUTTON IN YOUR ACCOUNT.
  • KWP has a specific style of shooting in wide HDR shot with a 14mm lens and it will be assumed you have researched our work prior to your session. Your photos will look exactly how the photos on our website look. Our work is realistic, meaning a dark home shoots on the dark side and a bright home shoots on the bright side. We deliver work that avoids misrepresentation.
  • KWP is closed on the weekends for shooting, editing & fielding calls/e-mails and there will be no response if it's the weekend or middle of the night. Please, under no circumstance, send us repeated texts or calls in the middle of the night.
  • Contact must be made between agent and photographer, not seller and photographer. NO contact information for any photographer should be given to sellers for ANY reason to avoid future non real estate related contact.
  • KWP cannot do ANY kind of admin work including making thumbnails, logos, etc. or any work that a graphic artist might do. We do not staff a graphic artist.
  • Prices/policies may be changed at any time without notice.
  • Need to reschedule? Simply book another session and the admins will delete the original one. There is no cancel button in your account. There are no cancel fees or reschedule fees regardless of how many times you need to reschedule. Since there are no cancel fees, booking a session as early as possible (maybe even before you have a signed contract) is highly encouraged. You can always cancel.

Licensing Information By booking an appointment, you are paying for appropriate licensing to utilize the photos to market the sale of the property. The photos may not be given to a third party such as a contractor, stager, designer, etc. When you hire a photographer in Ohio, that photographer always retains the rights to the images they create. Purchasing the photos gives you the ability to market the property via photos on Facebook/Realtor.com/Zillow.com/MLS/etc. Please note that in the unlikely event the listing is canceled, or your contract expires and another agent acquires it, you do not have the appropriate permissions to re-sell or give away the photos. If a third party contacts you about using the photos, please have them contact us. They may license the photos from us for their usage for a $150.00 fee. We keep careful track of every listing shot and stolen photos are reported immediately.