Hello sellers!
This checklist is designed to help sell your home as quickly as possible and for the highest amount possible. This will help your home to look its best and photograph well. Please follow all steps to ensure a timely photo session. We only allow a certain amount of time in each home and have multiple houses a day to photograph. Depending on what your agent has booked, the time I spend in your home can vary from 15 minutes to 2 hours. The average being 45 minutes. Please know, it is required for you to not be present for the session. Shooting is quicker and concentration is better with less people in the home. I understand this is frustrating but please trust your agent. Do not worry if we have unfavorable weather. We can completely replace the sky and grass if need be. It’s always best to familiarize yourself with our work PRIOR to us shooting. We have a very specific style of wide HDR so what you see on our website is exactly what your photos will look like. Feel free to check it out www.KelleyWeitzelPhotography.com. We can remove anything, empty ANY room (as long as we can see about 8 inches of the baseboard) replace anything, change any wall or floor color, close a garage door, remove a dumpster, remove cars, put pool water in your pool and our most popular edit is the dusk shot! It is photoshopped dusk NOT shot at dusk. There are also examples on the website of dusk shots. We currently do not offer the option of actually shooting at dusk due to family life :) No matter what specific custom lighting you have outside, we will light it up! Please do your best to follow this checklist - presentation is EVERYTHING and can make thousands of dollars difference! I know this is a stressful time for you right now but I promise all your hard work will be well worth it!
We can’t stress enough that we work MUCH better alone. The odds of missing a shot is almost 100% if people are present. No need to wait for us to show up, feel free to vacate a few minutes prior to your start time. We immediately start on exterior shots with our drone so you may not see our car at first as we park a little down the road and fly our drone over to you. Please know we are EXTREMELY careful in your home and touch nothing. We do not need a walk- through prior to shooting. We shoot 4-8 houses per day every day so there isn’t a layout we haven’t seen yet :) Feel free to leave us a note if you have something we should know :)
Should you have any questions, please contact your agent.

Good luck with your sale! -KWP

  1. Open all curtain/blinds & turn on all lights. This includes lamps, under cabinet lights, night lights, outside lights, etc. This does not provide us with light- the home will look more friendly & welcoming with them on. Reminder: Leaving blinds closed due to an unsightly view is not recommended as potential buyers will discover this during a showing. If you have dimmers, please put them at 50%.

  2. Close all toilet seats/lids. Put away tissue boxes/spare rolls of toilet tissue.

  3. Turn ALL ceiling fans off. These cannot be corrected in photoshop. THIS IS CRUCIAL as its the only

    thing we cannot correct. (We can replace it but not with the same exact fan most likely)

  4. Contain pets & hide pet items such as bowls, litter boxes, toys, bedding, cages, leashes etc.

  5. Remove vehicles from driveway AND in front of the home. Close garage door.

  6. Put away outside water hoses, toys, yard signs & make sure yard/driveway is free of debris/leaves. If your agent already has their sign out front, no worries we will remove it.

  7. Arrange patio furniture, open any patio umbrellas & hot tub lids, make sure pool has been cleaned

    & is open. (Weather permitting)

  8. Move all garbage cans out of sight, preferably into the garage. Avoid the side of the garage- they will be seen & will not be photoshopped out.

  9. Clear countertops in restrooms, including toothbrushes. Remove waste baskets/plungers/bowl brushes. Remove all rugs. Empty countertops photograph best and we will most likely toss a little greenery on it in photoshop :)

  10. Clear all bathing items, shampoo bottles, soap & razors out of sight. Open curtain halfway. Potential buyers will want know what the shower head/s & tub faucets look like.

  11. Remove all photos/magnets from refrigerator & anything on top of refrigerator.

  12. Clear all countertops in kitchen. Nothing in kitchen sink. If something is in question, remove it.

    Completely bare is best. The kitchen is a main focal point, try to have it look its best.

  13. Make beds, tidy rooms, hang clothes. Clear items from under the beds, they will be seen and will

    not be photoshopped out. If you have a walk-in closet, we will most likely not photograph inside

    the closet however it will be seen in the photos, so make sure it is tidy with the light on.

  14. Hide jewelry, jewelry boxes, change jars, safes, guns & expensive purses/shoes. If something is too

    large to hide, let us know BEFORE we begin and we will blur it from the photos.

  15. If you have family photos on the walls & would like faces blurred, let us know BEFORE we begin.

  16. Clear any piles of newspapers, magazines or mail.

  17. Check that all lightbulbs are working. Replace if not. Burnt out lightbulbs will be seen. Also be sure

    they are the same color bulbs.

  18. If you have a dog, please make sure the yard is free of pet waste. Occasionally, it can be seen.

  19. Inside the garage will only be photographed if specified by your agent which has happened 3

    times in 20 years.

  20. Lastly and most importantly, hide yourself completely :)